For Residents and Visitors to Luddenden, West Yorkshire

Public Meeting re Traffic in Luddenden – Wednesday 13th September 2023

September 5, 2023

With councillors having received lots of emails about speeding and vehicles getting stuck on bends, particularly on Stocks Lane, council officers have been looking at what could be done to improve things.

Do come along to the public meeting on Wednesday 13th September in St Mary’s Church at 6pm to hear their suggestions and make comments.

Tony Hillyard met with Jane Scullion recently to discuss the issues and will chair the meeting.

This is the message from our councillors:

We have organised an open meeting to discuss future highway improvements and safety in and around Luddenden Village.

Councillors, Jane Scullion, Scott Patient and Katie Kimber will be joined by Council officers.

The meeting will allow us to gather views from local residents in and around the village.

Join us and have your say

Please share with friends, family and neighbours in and around Luddenden Village.

Many thanks, Jane, Scott and Katie

Last modified: September 5, 2023

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