For Residents and Visitors to Luddenden, West Yorkshire

Conservation Society

The Luddenden Conservation Society was established to:

  • stimulate interest in Luddenden and the Luddenden Valley
  • promote high standards of planning and architecture
  • secure the preservation of features of historical interest
  • improve amenities.

The Conservation Society is open to all who support these objectives. Membership is free and there are regular open meetings.   The Luddenden in Bloom group is supported by the Luddenden Conservation Society.

The Society also carries out projects in accordance with the above aims. Recent projects include:

  • Nature Trail boards
  • Stone at the entrance to the village
  • Natural History display boards
  • new equipment in the children’s playground (in association with other local organisations)
  • purchase of a Roll of Honour (in association with the Luddenden Mayor’s Fund)
  • village historical displays
  • historical and visitor signage
  • Millennium Car Park.

Current projects include:

The Society was founded in 1975, and is a registered charity (No. 504387).

Current Officers of the Society are:
Chair: Nigel Perterson-White
Vice Chair: currently vacant
Treasurer: Tony Hillyard
Secretary: Catherine Elgar
Honorary President : Rodney Collinge
Luddenden In Bloom Co-ordinator: Roly Mier
Planning Applications Secretary: Sarah Brown

Trustees: Rodney Collinge, Tony Hillyard and Brenda McArdle.

We can be contacted by email here

English Heritage A-Z of conservation areas

English Heritage Conservation Areas at Risk Campaign

Public bodies

  • English Heritage is the Government’s statutory advisor on the Historic Environment in England. It is a non-departmental body funded mainly by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

National Amenity Societies

This label applies to a group of voluntary societies who are mentioned in various acts of parliament as statutory consultees for certain applications for listed building consent. They are also consulted on central government policy proposals. The Joint Committee of the National Amenity Societies meets on a regular basis to discuss proposed changes in policy and other matters of mutual intereset to the Societies.

Currently, there are 7 National Amenity Societies

Professional Body representing conservation professionals

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