For Residents and Visitors to Luddenden, West Yorkshire


Lives in a Landscape (BBC, 2013)


Luddenden Conservation Area – A Policy of Preservation and Enhancement

 (Calderdale Council 1975

 Luddenden Conservation Area – Appraisal and Management Plan (Calderdale Council 2013) 

 Down Memory Lane (R Collinge)

 Down Memory Lane Again (R Collinge)

 Non Conformist Chapels of the Luddenden Valley (R Collinge 2011)

 Parlourmaid to Housekeeper (Eveline Askwith 2003)

 Luddenden Saga (Vikki Egerton 2002)

 A History of The Lord Nelson (JA Heginbottom 1992)

 A Walk Around  Luddenden Dean  (M Denton 1985)

 St Mary’s Church – A Brief History and Guide (JA Heginbottom)

 St Mary’s Church – William Grimshaw (G Budd 2010)

 The Big Luddenden Key-Worker Visual Shout Out! (C Horsman 2020)


 Bah’t Meat Week (1975)

Flood and Fire (1989)

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