For Residents and Visitors to Luddenden, West Yorkshire


Luddenden Conservation Society has carried out a number of projects within the village. These include the following:

The Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour once hung in the Old Working Men’s Club in Luddenden village. It eventually found its way onto eBay where it was up for auction. It was purchased jointly by the Luddenden Conservation Society and the Luddenden Mayor’s Fund and can now be seen in the Lord Nelson.

Please visit The Roll of Honour site for more details.

Children’s Playground

This was refurbished in conjunction with other groups in the village

Rope Drum at Halifax Lane (2005)


The “turning circle” at the bottom of Halifax Lane has been landscaped and a Rope Drum from Oats Royd Mill (kindly loaned by Lowry Rennaissance – the developers of the apartments at Oats Royd), recalling the local mills, has been placed in the centre.



Lintel and Corn Wheel (2005)



Millennium Car Park (2002)


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