For Residents and Visitors to Luddenden, West Yorkshire

Planning Applications

Anyone making a planning application to Calderdale MBC which will impact upon the area (Luddenden valley and Luddenden Conservation Area) is welcome to explain their proposals at a meeting of the Society (or at a meeting of the Planning Sub-Committee)

  1. All applications submitted to Calderdale for a development within the area of influence of the Society (i.e. within the Luddenden Conservation Area or Luddenden Valley or in such a position that it may have an effect within the Luddenden Conservation Area) are considered by the Society
  2. The Planning Officer of the Society brings a description of any such application and a copy of it to the next Society meeting after the plan has been submitted to Calderdale MBC Town Planning Committee.
  3. Anyone making a planning application to Calderdale MBC which will impact upon the area is welcome to bring their proposals to a meeting of the Society (or to a meeting of the Planning Sub-Committee) and describe and explain  them, preferably with a copy of the plan submitted. After this, they will then retire from the meeting.
  4. The plan will then be considered by the meeting. The criteria used to determine whether the Society thinks that the plan is acceptable or not are those given in the Luddenden Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan, in particular in Section 6, Management Proposals. Design guidance on all issues is given in this section, and anyone making a planning application would be well advised to study this document.
  5. A vote will then take place on whether the Society considers the plan is acceptable for the village, or not. If it is thought that the plan is not acceptable, this decision will be submitted to Calderdale, normally by the Planning Officer, and the reasons given why the Society thinks it is unsuitable.
  6. Normally, the Society will not contact Calderdale to support a plan, unless there is some special reason why it would be beneficial to the village to do this.
  7. In the rare event that the relevant dates for a plan do not allow it to be discussed at an open meeting (i.e. it is submitted to Calderdale very shortly after the date of one meeting of the Society, and comments are to reach Calderdale before the date of the next meeting), it will be considered by the Society’s Planning Sub-Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Society will then proceed with the decision of this committee in exactly the same way as though it were a decision taken at a meeting of the Society (as in points 3, 4 and 5).
  8. The Society may decide to be represented by the Planning Officer or some other person at a meeting of the Calderdale Town Planning Committee when the plan is being discussed by the elected members if this is thought appropriate

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