Luddenden in Bloom is a sub-group of the Luddenden Conservation Society. An informal committee exists which is open to all with new members welcomed at all times. If you would like to become involved please contact Brenda by e-mail.

The group Facebook page is regularly updated with details of what the Bloom members have been doing around the village, and is also a good source of seasonal photographs from around the village.
 The ‘Bloom Group’ as a whole comprises many people who have contributed by
  • planting, weeding and generally helping maintain the village flora
  • clearing, chopping down and chopping up and digging
  • making, sponsoring, painting and siting boxes for all types of wildlife
  • buying, sponsoring and installing water butts and compost bins
  • litter picking, often wading in the river to pull out foreign objects
  • painting, sweeping, raking ……..
  • raising, donating, selling and purchasing plants
  • supporting other fundraising events
  • sponsoring planters
  • taking photographs and making film records
  • working on their own gardens and putting out planters etc for everyone to enjoy
  • encouraging and supporting others
  • keeping others going by baking buns and providing hot and cold drinks

The village won the Village category in Yorkshire in Bloom in both 2010 and 2012. We also won a Gold Medal and best Village awards in Britain in Bloom in 2011, and a Silver-Gilt Medal in Britain in Bloom 2013.  Debbie Collinge, landlady of the The Lord Nelson Inn, won First Prize in the 2013 National “Community Hero Awards” competition sponsored by Enterprise Inns.

There are a number of Bloom-related competitions held during the year, including Christmas Wreath and House Frontage. Please click here to see the monthly Bloom Newsletter.

The village also has a bi-annual Open Gardens Day, and a Christmas Tree provided by the Luddenden Conservation Society. The village is one of the sites for the performance of the Pace Egg Play at Easter.

Village Awards

Silver-Gilt Medal – Britain in Bloom 2013

Gold Medal & Village Category Winner – Yorkshire in Bloom 2012

Gold Medal &; Village Category Winner – Britain in Bloom 2011

Gold Medal & Village Category Winner – Yorkshire in Bloom 2010

2008 & 2009 No competition entered

Gold Medal – Yorkshire in Bloom 2007
Silver Gilt – Yorkshire in Bloom 2006
Silver Medal – Britain in Bloom 2005
Gold Medal – Yorkshire in Bloom 2004
2nd Place – Yorkshire in Bloom 2003
3rd Place & Summer Trophy Winner – Yorkshire in Bloom 2002
2nd Place – Highly Commended Certificate and Most Improved Village Trophy – Yorkshire in Bloom 2001
2nd Place – Yorkshire in Bloom 2000
2nd Place Certificate of Merit – Yorkshire in Bloom 1999
5th Place Certificate of Merit Yorkshire in Bloom 1998 (The village’s first entry)

Please click here to visit the Photo Gallery


Ada Brooks Memorial Trophy  2016

The trophy donated to the Conservation Society in memory of a former villager is awarded to the best use of a house frontage within the village, not necessarily the most colourful. Whether you have garden, driveway or just a small paved area it’s what you do with it that counts. Everyone has an equal chance of winning the trophy or just receiving a gold, silver-gilt, silver or bronze certificate. Judging takes place during July and August.

Plant Sales 2016

The plant sale for this year is on Saturday 28th May from 10am in the car park. Once again we will have locally grown  tomatos, cucumbers, courgettes and other veg and perennials along with a selection of summer bedding supplied by Kitsons. As mentioned before this will be the only plant sale as our membership has despite regular appeals in newsletters, failed to increase. So get down early and help support the village.

We are always open for donations of garden perennials that anyone may have spare. So if you can help please pot up and label your plants and email Roly.

Throughout the year you can  help support the village by buying from the Plant and Produce table on High Street.

Christmas Wreath 2016

We will again be holding this popular competition for the best natural, home made Christmas Wreath and your chance to wind a Fair Trade Hamper sponsored by the Conservation Society. Judging will once again take place in the middle of December.

Click here for instructions on how to make your own wreath.